Children and Our Dogs

Children are bitten by dogs every day, all over the world - and most will loose their lives if they have bitten a child!

Please review the following videos, websites, facebook pages, and articles if you have a family with children and dogs sharing your home.

Dog Bite Prevention by Jill Brietner/Dog Decoder

Family Paws - Parent Education, 5 Types of Supervision (video)

Speak Dog, Joan Orr (video)

Family Paws Parent Education website

Dr. Sophia Yin, Vet Behaviourist - Kids and Dogs:  How Kids Should and Should Not Interact With Dogs

Positively, Victoria Stilwell - Why Dogs Bite Children:  A Lesson in Preventing Dog Bites in Kids

doggone safe - Why Dogs Bite and How They Warn Us

doggone safe - Dog Bite Safety Information (video)

doggone safe - Be A Tree Educational Program

Robin Bennett, Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Why Supervising Dogs and Kids Doesn't Work

Safety Around  For Kids Sake - Dog Bite Statistics

RSPCA - Dogs and Children

Dogs Bite:  But Balloons and Slippers Are More Dangerous (book)

Dog Decoder, Smartphone App

Dog Decoder on FaceBook

Babies, Kids and Dogs on FaceBook